Slowly but surely!

We’ve all heard the famous saying ” Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

I firmly believe that in order to achieve any great work, it takes a lot of patience, discipline, and endurance along the way and there certainly are no shortcuts or fast-forward button to get to the desired goal.

Recently a dear patient of mine shared with his social media followers about his ‘Healthy Aging’ journey with us.

*He has given consent for me to repost his picture and share with my readers here.


Left: February 2016, Right: March 2018

After 2 years, he is 8kgs lighter, slimmer waistline, better skin tone, and texture and overall he feels great. Of course, his journey doesn’t end here, and he will continue to adopt a healthier lifestyle in order to maintain his great results.

I am very happy for him and thankful that he has trusted us the past years to take care of his ‘Healthy Aging’ Journey. In this day and age, where everything is fast-paced and many available options in hand, I have seen many frustrated people hopping from one clinic to another in order to ‘achieve their desired goal’ only to be disappointed all over again.

My advice:

1. Please be patient

Most Aesthetic clinics practice non-invasive-type treatments, therefore it will take more time to achieve results. If fast-results are your main aim, I suggest consulting with a Plastic Surgeon, however, even with surgery, there is no such guarantee as fast-results, due to the possible swelling /bruising post-surgery and you would only truly see the final results perhaps 2-4weeks later.

2. Stick to one

Choose a practitioner that you trust. The criteria vary for each individual with many factors that come to play such as education background, rapport, skills, chemistry, the location of practice and the price of treatments offered. It really is a personal preference, and as long as you are comfortable with a certain practitioner and place, try to stick to it, because your doctor will have your baseline medical records and all progress of treatments documented. Having those records will allow proper monitoring and prevents from any unwanted complications.

Thanks again to my dearest patient Rosix who has been kind enough to document his journey with us on his social media and allowing us to share it with everyone as well.

“If you look good, you feel good, If you feel good, you do good”