A little more kindness, A little less judgement!

It has been a few months since my last blog post. The past few months have been extremely intense with work and home matters (yes…mainly the kids) which I chose to focus on first. In the meantime, I have thought about several Health & Beauty topics that I would like to write about. Yes! Regularly updating my blog will definitely be one of my 2018 resolutions, but before I start writing about those topics, I would like to share a good quote that we could all use as we embrace this coming new year.

(FYI aside from medicine, I enjoy reading story books, inspirational books or autobiography books by successful people in the world. I find that it helps keep me motivated, have an open-mind and allows me to also share with everyone any useful information I am able to gain from it)


Cosmetic Dermatology / Aesthetic Medicine has been around for quite some time now, but back then it was a hush-hush and not-talked about. In the recent years, with the boom of Selfies and Social Media, issues surrounding Self-Image is more openly talked about and suitable treatments available are also more openly discussed. However, in my experience and observation, I find that many people still have strong judgements on others wanting to do cosmetic procedures. Perhaps it is the fact that we are on this side of the world, people are more reserved and shy to discuss self-image issues.

I have treated both men and women of different religion and cultures, young and old, different socioeconomic status and the one common goal they all have is to ‘be healthier, look better and feel better’.

We do not know what others are truly going through in their lives and sometimes subtle improvements may give that boost of confidence and self-esteem which may affect their mental health and overall daily life. I have found that some people have very valid reasons for seeking such treatments. It could be about having extra confidence to handle a newly appointed job promotion, or women gaining body-confidence post-childbirth, or even regaining self-esteem post-emotionally/physically abusive relationship. Everyone has their own stories & reasons for undergoing such procedures. Just a little advice… when considering such procedures, ‘Do it for YOURSELF’ & not for someone else.

So let’s embrace the new year with a little more kindness & a little less judgement!

[Disclaimer: As medical practitioners, each new patient seen during consultation will be assessed thoroughly to ensure patients do not have underlying untreated mental health issues such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder before undergoing any type of cosmetic-related procedures]