Crystal Tomato Skin Supplement

I was asked to write an article for MIMS Hong Kong on Crystal Tomato® supplements and I would like to share some of the information in this blog.

Asian skin by nature has an increased amount of melanin, and the cells that produce melanin tend to be more sensitive to any type of inflammation or injury. Therefore, the incidence of pigmentary conditions such as melasma, solar lentigos and PIH (Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) are much higher in this part of the world.

The usual treatments include a combination of topical skin lightening agents, light-based device, and prescription-based oral medications.

In the recent years, there have been several oral supplements developed to help people treat skin pigmentation and help prevent further UV damage.

Crystal Tomato® is a type of food supplement which has been scientifically proven to reduce pigmentation and have overall skin brightening benefits. It consists of a unique breed of non-genetically modified white tomatoes and also an amino acid L-Cysteine which helps to boost the liver’s production of Glutathione.

The main benefits and mechanism of action:

  1. It inhibits melanin synthesis and reduces the existing melanin

Crystal Tomato® alters the metabolic processes of melanocytes to turn dark pigmentation (eumelanin) into light pigmentation (pheomelanin).


  1. It acts as a natural sunscreen and gives protection against UVA/UVB damage

These carotenoids lack any visible colour and they absorb light in the ultra-violet range which makes them ideal for offering protection against UVA/B damage from within.

  1. It has an anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory effect

Crystal Tomato® carotenoids can block free radicals from the UV rays. Hence, they act as anti-oxidants to protect against free radical damage by environmental aggressors.

The patients I see in clinic with skin pigmentation such as melasma or solar lentigo find that by consuming this supplement, their pigmentation becomes much lighter after the second month of consumption. It has also benefited patients with post-acne PIH to help lighten the pigmented scar faster.

It is recommended to consume 1 caplet a day continuously for the first three months to see the full effects. Visible radiance and lightening of the pigmentation can be seen from 2-3 months of consumption, however, some patients have also reported lightening effects as early as 3 weeks.

One of the main reasons people are more confident in consuming Crystal Tomato® is because it is 100% made of natural food supplement. To ensure the safety of a supplement, it should be reversible and does not cause long term effects. When the consumption of the Crystal Tomato® supplement is stopped, the brightening effects will also slowly diminish and revert to original form.

I have been recommending Crystal Tomato® as part of Pigmentation Treatment Regime for the past few years and glad to see that results have been consistent and my patients are happy with the noticeable difference too.

In Malaysia, Crystal Tomato® supplements are sold only in clinics. It is registered and approved by  Ministry of Health and every box comes with a hologram sticker and registration number. Just be mindful when purchasing, as there are many counterfeit “Crystal Tomato” supplements out there!